We can participate in the creation of the best possible future for humanity and our home, the spaceship known as earth.


Hello! My name is Ganga Devi, and no matter who you are, I believe that you have an important role to play in the most beautiful possible future for our world.

I know your vision for that most beautiful world is probably different than mine- in fact, I’m counting on it. We who have the privilege of being alive right now have the responsibility to co-create the future, using our diverse dreams and visions to create something greater than any one of us could dream of.

This isn’t going to be easy. I was born and raised in an intentional, interfaith, service based community, and I know firsthand that creating a world of radical acceptance, true freedom, and a healthy capacity for evolution is harder than anyone might imagine. I also know that it's more rewarding than anyone could dream, and that none of us can do it alone.

I am a student of living systems, constantly opening the doors of perception to understand how life creates the conditions for life, how all systems self organize and evolve through chaos, and how we as human beings alive in this remarkable moment in space and time can participate in the healing of what has been fractured.

My life has given me an abundance of tools and methods for self-healing, relationship-healing, and world-healing. I know that it is my responsibility to share them with you.

I deeply believe that we can heal this world, and that we can only do it together.