Syntropy Salons

Questions of Love, Chaos, and Death are at the core
of all human art, all human philosophy, all myth, all mysticism.

These are the three elements that allow us to have a meaningful life.

In this series of digital gatherings, we will explore our questions, find medicine in one another’s presence, and see what beauty and healing emerges together.



Scheduled with the Full Moon of every month, a time of ripeness and expression.

The Erotic explored through these salons is not inherently sexual, it is inherently sensual. The Erotic is the sacred opportunity to experience beauty and pleasure in this human experience, and is the birthright of anyone blessed with a body.

In these salons, we will explore our senses, what it means to come into erotic and spiritual maturity, and welcome the power of this force into our lives for healing.

The teachings of Audre Lorde are central to our exploration of the erotic, and I strongly recommend reading or listening to her essay “Uses of the Erotic, The Erotic as Power“ to prepare for the salon. You can find it
YouTube here.



Scheduled at significant moments in astrological or religious calendars, and on days that just seem right.

Chaos as explored through these salons is a shift in perspective from seeing chaos as a harmful force to be feared to a magic state of infinite possibility. Chaos in our lives is inevitable, it is the fertile place from which all new creation unfolds.

In these salons, we will bring forward our truth about the chaos in our lives, we will explore myth and art and lived experience that awakens the fertile capacity of chaos fields, and we will together develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the self organizing universe whilst in a chaos field.

Seven Life Lessons from Chaos will be a supportive resource for these gatherings.



Scheduled with the New Moon of every month, a time of release and renewal.

Death as explored through these salons is an opportunity for peace, completion, release, and regeneration. Death is present in our lives everywhere, from the food we eat to the ache in our hearts when those who we love leave their bodies before us.

In these salons, we will explore our fear, our grief, death as an initiation into spiritual maturity, and our own personal stories of death and loss for the sake of healing.

There are many teachers whose work with death have a powerful influence on these salons. Foremost are Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, and Ram Dass. Click on either of their names here to find links to books about death that they’ve written. I also strongly recommend the short film “Going Home“ available on Netflix.

My role is as much teacher as it is spaceholder. I will bring forward poetry, concepts, and meditations to shape the experience each month, and then create the space for our intimate group to share with one another.

All salons are capped at 12, and there are 2 scholarship positions available for each gathering.
If you would like to request a scholarship position, apply through the form at the bottom of the page.

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