I am always coming across exceptional people and projects which embody the principles of regeneration and working with instead of against life. Here is a little introduction to some of them.

Joanna Macy &

The Work that Reconnects

Joanna Macy has been the biggest example for me of someone who uses their intelligence, privilege, despair, and love for the world to the greatest possible effect. Her books, her talks, and her trainings all contribute beautifully to creating the most beautiful, just, integral future possible. I highly recommend taking a deep dive into her life’s work.

Pachamama Alliance

Under the leadership of the Achuar people of Ecuador, and through the stewardship of Lynne Twist, the Pachamama Alliance is one of the strongest voices of advocacy, education, and peacemaking on behalf of Indigenous communities in the world. 

We strongly recommend taking their free transformational online course, Awakening The Dreamer which explores the challenges facing humanity at this critical moment in time and the opportunities we as a human family have to create a new future.

Meta Method

Elana Meta is a powerhouse of embodied elemental wisdom. Her movement practices have incredible potency, particularly when applied as a daily practice. 

The power of the Meta Method comes through working with the ancient principles of elemental wisdom and Elana is a vessel and example of the love that is possible when we work with living systems.