The dominant culture of this time is one of individuation. There are blessings and lessons in this, and it is important to recognize that while individuality gives rise to amazing inventions, art, and unique experiences of living, it is not the only truth. Another truth is that we all live in this world, in this time, together. To see our the diversity and strength of individuals in this world, while also seeing the unity of our pluralistic experience is an incredible opportunity.

To think in world-terms is to be completely and positively self-interested.

Consider, for a moment, this entire world. The whole planet, hurtling through space, fed immense amounts of energy from a consistent and massive fuel source- the sun- holding within it unknowable numbers of species, nearly 8 billion humans, and constantly evolving ecosystems. Everything we have ever made or done or harmed as a species has happened within the confines of the earth. Think of every species that has ever lived on this planet, think of every heart that has ever pumped life through a body, think of the rivers and oceans and rains that keep pumping life through our planet. 

Healing / Fixing

When we notice something is wrong and we rush to fix it, we tend to look at whatever we're dealing with as if it were a math problem to solve, a machine that needs tweaking, or that there's a formula that needs to be followed precisely for the right results. There is a sense of anxiety, something pushing us to make it better to relieve our own discomfort that we feel something is terribly wrong. The impulse to fix can save lives, it can ease pain, it makes for precise science. 

Healing requires a systemic approach, which requires systemic thinking.

Healing takes a different approach. Healing requires sitting with a wound and paying attention to what has caused it. In healing we must pay attention to the sickness beneath a sickness. When healing a body, we must heal the whole person. In healing a piece of poisoned land, we must cleanse the river that runs through it. When healing from trauma, we must create conditions for trust that there is now safety in the environment.


Strategies / Solutions

There are an abundance of solutions to the problems our species is facing right now. Many technologies exist that can eradicate hunger, restabilize the climate, provide energy, education, and healthcare to all humans without condition. These technologies exist already, and their creators are working tirelessly to get them implemented, but the cultural conditions that keep our systems of government stagnant, that keep resources hoarded from those who create their value, and which keep our imaginations dull have to be questioned, unlearned, and changed. 

This is why strategy is vital, and strategy must begin within each of us.

In order to create the cultural conditions in which the solutions for poverty, hunger, climate change, economic and racial justice, and healthcare for all can be implemented, we have to change the way we think about and relate to the world. We need to reach a critical mass of humanity thinking in creative ways, constructive ways, strategic ways.

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My name is Ganga Devi and I care deeply about living beings. 

I created this space from a combination of gratitude for the opportunity to be alive on this planet, and awe at the capacities of humans to change the world. I have spent years working through sorrow and pain trying to understand what it means to have a life worth living, and through that process I have discovered a universe of tools and processes through which countless people are participating in the communal project of healing the world. I created this space to invite people into the project of creating the most beautiful future possible.